Mini-Comic #1 – The Dawn Line: One Hit Wonder

You have just finished reading my very first mini-comic! Since you’ve come this far, I’m sure you’d love to hear me prattle on about why/how this came into being… Hey, wait! Where are you all going? Sigh… Well, at least I still have you, dear reader. And for that you have my deepest thanks! NowContinue reading “Mini-Comic #1 – The Dawn Line: One Hit Wonder”

What it really means to “ink like the pros”

When I started drawing comics, everybody was like “You gotta use a Series 7 brush or Speedball nib for inking. That’s what the pros use!” Being an admirer of guys like Vaughn Bode and Wally Wood, how I could I not try to “ink like the pros”? Well, even though some of my favourite comicContinue reading “What it really means to “ink like the pros””

Learn clear storytelling from Steve Rolston

With Steve’s class scheduled to start at the end of month, it’s time to wrap up my “How to make comics the Steve Rolston way” posts. So far in these posts, I have talked about how you could learn precision and discipline in Steve’s Introduction to Comic Book Production at VanArts. Yet, the ability toContinue reading “Learn clear storytelling from Steve Rolston”

Learn precision from Steve Rolston.

Here is the first entry in the “How to make comics the Steve Rolston way” collection, a series of posts about what you could learn from Steve Rolston’s Introduction to Comic Book Production at VanArts. I am going to do these in more or less a chronological order, so let’s start at the beginning. OnContinue reading “Learn precision from Steve Rolston.”

Why you should take Steve Rolston’s comic-making class.

I recently finished Steve Rolston’s Introduction to Comic Book Production at VanArts and have since been eager to tell other aspiring comic creators all about the benefits of the class.However, I’ve been stymied because I simply took so much away from those 12 weeks that I can’t cram it all into one “How to drawContinue reading “Why you should take Steve Rolston’s comic-making class.”

The art of the convention sketch

I am impressed as hell by artists that can do quick, quality sketches for fans. When I was at the last Vancouver Comic Con, Brandon Graham and Mike Myhre sketched these up for me: Even though Brandon said he hadn’t drawn these King City guys in awhile, he did the whole thing in pen. HeContinue reading “The art of the convention sketch”

Understanding creative output

Ever since I read Stephen King’s On Writing, I have been obsessed with the fact that he writes 2,000 words a day. That is a daunting number. I have tried and failed to reach this commitment with my writing. It just doesn’t work for me, and that used to frustrate me. It did until IContinue reading “Understanding creative output”