Sketch-a-day Compilation: July 2015

With everything that happened this month, I am really surprised that I was still able to put out a sketch every day. July was crazy busy for us. We had family visiting at the beginning of the month and spent the rest trying to find a place to live. I feel that if I couldContinue reading “Sketch-a-day Compilation: July 2015”

Sketch-a-day Compilation: June 2015

These sketches were pretty eclectic compared to previous months. Whether that’s good or bad, I don’t really know. Over the six months of this challenge, I have never given up on a drawing. Whatever I start to sketch in blue line, you see here warts and all. I have always used Photoshop to some degree,Continue reading “Sketch-a-day Compilation: June 2015”

Sketch-a-day Compilation: May 2015

With the earlier sketches, I really didn’t get to play around with expressions. (There is only so much you can do when you’re drawing skulls with black pits for eyes.) So, it was such a great move to make this month all about cartooning. Just comparing the first weeks (top) to the last (bottom), youContinue reading “Sketch-a-day Compilation: May 2015”

Sketch-a-day Compilation: April 2015

When I first started these little guys, the concept was fairly simple: gnarly skull + inky body. A lot sure has changed in 4 months! This month I had a lot of fun adding layers of metal, cloth, and bone to the base gnarly skull + inky body formula. It’s definitely something that I wantContinue reading “Sketch-a-day Compilation: April 2015”

Sketch-a-day Compilation: March 2015

I have definitely gotten into the groove with these sketches. I tried a lot of new things this month, and ended up doing a lot of homages. The sketches themselves are taking up more of the cards, and the details/tone seems to be improving. All-in-all, I am happy with the progress I have made here.Continue reading “Sketch-a-day Compilation: March 2015”

Sketch-a-day compilation: February 2015

Compared to last month, February’s sketch-a-days were a lot tighter. I tried as much as possible to fill the black areas to give the images a little more polish. The weapons too have improved. I’m finding that it’s best to stay as simple with them as I can so that the shine of the bladeContinue reading “Sketch-a-day compilation: February 2015”

Sketch-a-day compilation: January 2015

I get a great satisfaction from seeing all of these little sketch-a-day guys in one place. Sketch-a-day 12 and 20 were probably my favourites of the month, but I’m happy with the way most of these turned out. You will definitely see a lot of these guys make it into The Dawn Line.