What it really means to “ink like the pros”

When I started drawing comics, everybody was like “You gotta use a Series 7 brush or Speedball nib for inking. That’s what the pros use!” Being an admirer of guys like Vaughn Bode and Wally Wood, how I could I not try to “ink like the pros”? Well, even though some of my favourite comicContinue reading “What it really means to “ink like the pros””

Sketch-a-day tools

So here’s a look at the tools that I have been using for these sketch-a-day sketches. This is a little cheapo notebook that I carry with me wherever I go. It was like 3 bucks at the drug store, but it’s great for making story notes or doing a quick doodle. What’s even better, isContinue reading “Sketch-a-day tools”

The art of the convention sketch

I am impressed as hell by artists that can do quick, quality sketches for fans. When I was at the last Vancouver Comic Con, Brandon Graham and Mike Myhre sketched these up for me: Even though Brandon said he hadn’t drawn these King City guys in awhile, he did the whole thing in pen. HeContinue reading “The art of the convention sketch”

Understanding creative output

Ever since I read Stephen King’s On Writing, I have been obsessed with the fact that he writes 2,000 words a day. That is a daunting number. I have tried and failed to reach this commitment with my writing. It just doesn’t work for me, and that used to frustrate me. It did until IContinue reading “Understanding creative output”

The origin of an artist’s style and tastes

By way of an introduction, I wanted to discuss how an artist’s style and tastes are something of a slave to subconscious memories, specifically those that form in childhood, by relating a personal experience that has influenced my aesthetic interests and style in a profound way. It is a given that we are all influencedContinue reading “The origin of an artist’s style and tastes”