Mini-Comic #1 – The Dawn Line: One Hit Wonder

You have just finished reading my very first mini-comic! Since you’ve come this far, I’m sure you’d love to hear me prattle on about why/how this came into being… Hey, wait! Where are you all going? Sigh… Well, at least I still have you, dear reader. And for that you have my deepest thanks! NowContinue reading “Mini-Comic #1 – The Dawn Line: One Hit Wonder”

What it really means to “ink like the pros”

When I started drawing comics, everybody was like “You gotta use a Series 7 brush or Speedball nib for inking. That’s what the pros use!” Being an admirer of guys like Vaughn Bode and Wally Wood, how I could I not try to “ink like the pros”? Well, even though some of my favourite comicContinue reading “What it really means to “ink like the pros””