Why you should take Steve Rolston’s comic-making class.

I recently finished Steve Rolston’s Introduction to Comic Book Production at VanArts and have since been eager to tell other aspiring comic creators all about the benefits of the class.vanarts_comic_flyer_mar16However, I’ve been stymied because I simply took so much away from those 12 weeks that I can’t cram it all into one “How to draw comics the Steve Rolston way!” post.

Since Steve’s class is going to start up again soon, I figured that I would take the next few weeks leading up to the next class to talk about a few key things that really stuck with me.

The purpose of these posts will not be to teach you what Steve teaches, but to give you an idea of the benefits that come from having a professional comic creator look at your work in a structured classroom setting.

So, keep an eye out on this page, and I’ll provide links here when each post is published.

The first: “Learn precision from Steve Rolston.

The second: “Learn discipline…

The last: “Learn clear storytelling…”

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