My sketch-a-day New Year’s resolution.

So, 2014 is almost over, and it’s time to make wildly optimistic resolutions for 2015. This year, I am challenging myself to post one sketch a day. Not difficult enough, you say? Well, I’m also going to limit the content and the size of the sketches. I tend to have a problem over-thinking my drawings, so it’s actually in my best interest to limit these daily sketches to a simple character type. To this end, I will only be using these little creatures called golgothi that will be appearing in my comic The Dawn Line. The first of these are the grawlix golgothi, and their formula is simple: gnarly skull + inky body + speech balloon. Grawlix Medley InkedSince the characters are small in stature, it makes sense to work small when sketching them. I’m sketching these on the backs of my business cards, so they will only be 2.5 x 3.5 inches. Business Card Sketches Preview There’s the challenge: 365 days, 365 sketches. Have a mascot/character of your own you want to sketch the hell out of? If so, you should join me in my overly optimistic resolution. Wishing you all a happy, comic-filled New Year! Update: From May onwards, I will be working on cartooning (sans grawlix golgothi). Here are Sketch-a-day Compilations for the months so far:

  1. January:
  2. February:
  3. March:
  4. April:
  5. May:
  6. June:
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